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    Prof. Rafiq Ahmad

    University of Alberta, Canada

    Topics for Research and Training at ALLFactory
    This learning factory revolves around the production systems focusing on vertical farming and, more specifically, sustainable, environmentally friendly Aquaponics 4.0 systems and processes. The target engineering systems provide effective designs, tools, and methods for the growth of various selected crops, i.e., lettuce and basil, Strawberries, and tomatoes.

    • sustainable: plant and fish production
    • We’re Trusted Experts: Automation and AI technologies
    • environmentally friendly: Green Technologies and Lean production
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    Prof. Ragu Athinarayanan

    Purdue University, United States of America

    Intelligent Learning Factory (ILF)
    Topics for Research and Training at Intelligent Learning Factory
    • Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Industrial Internet of Things IIoT for Intelligent Production & Supply Chains.
    • AI for Quality Control/Assurance
    • AI for Workplace Safety
    • AR/VR for Education and Training on Complex Machines/Instruments
    • Scalable Polymerization Additive Manufacturing
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    Prof. Dan Centea

    McMaster University, Canada

    SEPT Learning Factory
    Topics for Research and Training at SEPT Learning Factory
    • Additive manufacturing
    • 3D printing
    • CNC machine tools
    • Laser marking
    • Assembly
    • Robotics assembly
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    Prof. Eduardo Zancul

    Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

    Fábrica do Futuro
    Topics for Research and Training at Fábrica do Futuro
    • Engineering education: indicators of the learning factory application in project-based learning courses;
    • Technology application: digital twin, additive manufacturing, computer vision;
    • Management: learning factory as an innovation ecosystem.
    • Undergraduate: Production Planning and Control; Ergonomics; Product Innovation;
    • Project-based proof of concept development (real Industry 4.0 challenges proposed by
      partner companies);
    • Graduate: Product Innovation focusing on the influence of Industry 4.0 technologies;
    • Executive education: short-term Industry 4.0 overview course.
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